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Shift in European Travel Trends: Climate Change Role in Reshaping European Travel Patterns

With temperatures in Europe at an all-time high this summer, travel preferences are predicted to transform in the coming years. Experts estimate that July will become a less popular month for vacationing in Europe, with April emerging as the best time to travel. In late July, the European Commission adopted a new set of guiding…
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Record Number of British Nationals Regretting Brexit

British nationals are increasingly regretting their decision to leave the European Union despite Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s claims that it was beneficial to the UK. The majority of British nationals would vote to rejoin the EU, with more than 60 percent believing Brexit to have been more of a failure than a success, according to…
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Eurostar Launches Contactless Check-In to Reduce Queues

Have you ever waited in an hour-long Eurostar queue at London’s St Pancras station? Thanks to a new contactless check-in method, that cumbersome experience may soon be a thing of the past. Eurostar has officially launched its SmartCheck biometric gates for Business Premier and Carte Blanche customers at London’s St Pancras International Station. These contactless…
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World’s Most Powerful Passport: UK Passport Climbing Two Places Since 2017

The latest quarterly Henley Passport Index from Henley & Partners has been released and the United Kingdom (UK) has moved up in the list. The global passport ranking is based on the number of destinations passport holders can access without a visa according to the data from International Air Transport Association (IATA). Countries score one…
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Europe Heatwave: Should You Travel Amid Extreme Heat?

Europeans do enjoy a little heat, but the scorching Cerberus heatwave is pushing the limits. Parts of Europe are forecast to see record-breaking temperatures in the coming days, posing potential dangers to travellers.   As the Mediterranean attracts hordes of tourists for the summer holiday season, the sweltering heat has caused widespread disruptions and raised serious…
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