What you need to know about British Citizenship

If you are a foreign national living in the UK who has settled status, you may be wish to make an application to become a British citizen by a process known as Naturalisation or Registration.

What you need to know about British Citizenship
Child born in the UK after 1982
 You may apply to be registered as a British citizen if:

  • one of your parents becomes a British citizen or settled in the UK before you reach 18 years of age, or
  • you have spent the first 10 years of your life in the UK (having not been absent for more than 90 days each year)
Child born outside the UK before 1983
You may apply to be registered as a British citizen if:

  • your mother was either born in the UK or registered/naturalised as a British citizen before you were born

A major advantage of applying for British Citizenship is that you are then entitled to all the benefits enjoyed by a EEA citizen under European law. This allows you, and your family, to move and work freely throughout the European Economic Area.

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