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UK Drivers Urged to Obtain Clean Air Stickers for France Travel

France continues to captivate British tourists and its proximity to the UK makes France an irresistible and easy getaway for British holidaymakers. British holidaymakers planning to drive in France this summer are being advised to apply for a crucial document at least 10 days before their trip to avoid hefty fines. Failure to do so…
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UK Extends Seasonal Worker Visa Route

The UK Government will extend the seasonal worker visa route for five years until 2029 in response to the labour shortages in the food supply chain. The announcement from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) comes in response to the findings of an independent review commissioned by John Shropshire, chair of the…
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Visa-Free Travel To China Extended To 2025

In a further move to jump-start the tourism industry and revitalise its travel sector and international influence, China has extended visa-free travel for 11 European countries and Malaysia until the end of 2025. The visa-free scheme has been announced in stages since the start of 2024 and was initially set to last for one year. …
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Diversity Visa 2025: Green Card Lottery Results Announced

The US Department of State has unveiled the lucky winners of the Fiscal Year 2025 Diversity Visa (DV)/Green Card Lottery. The winners of this lottery will be granted a visa that will allow them to reside and work within the United States. The State Department oversees the lottery administration, determines the random winners and issues…
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UK Immigration: Decline in UK Study Visa Applications

The number of individuals seeking entry to the UK on student visas has plummeted to unprecedented lows since the pandemic. Recently released data from the UK Home Office highlights a significant downturn in both student-dependent applications and overall student visa applications following the implementation of new legislation earlier this year. At the beginning of this…
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