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EU Members Place Restrictions on British Travellers

Just as the British government announced that several more destinations are added on the quarantine-free green list starting 30 June, British travellers themselves have been handed a number of new restrictions by various EU member states.  Calls for British travellers to be placed into quarantine echo around the bloc as the rising case numbers of…
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EU Calls On the United States to Ease Travel Restrictions

Despite the EU relaxing its rules to allow US travellers into the bloc, the US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken cut off the hopes of millions that the US could reciprocate the EU’s move to reopen the borders. We are anxious to be able to restore travel as fully and quickly as possible. I…
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Poland Opens Borders to US and More

Due to the pandemic, the Polish government has implemented obligatory restrictions on Poland’s border. These restrictions limit foreign nationals’ entry and dictate quarantine restrictions upon crossing the border. The travellers from EU Member States or Schengen Associated Countries are allowed entry without restrictions if they provide proof of vaccination authorised by the EU or they…
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Norway Unveils Plans to Reopen Travel

Norway has relaxed its notoriously tight COVID-19 border rules to allow more people from the EU/EEA and the UK to enter the country. Since January of this year, Norway has barred entry for almost anybody who isn’t a Norwegian citizen or resident of Norway and very few other exemptions in an attempt to limit the spread…
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EU’s New Safe Travel List: USA and More Added

Europe is gradually but surely reopening travel to tourists from the United States and other parts of the world this summer, with popular destinations like France and Spain recently giving vaccinated Americans the green light to visit without having to worry about the costly testing and lengthy quarantine requirements. During a meeting in Brussels on…
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