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Germany Bans UK Travellers - More to follow? - Schengen visa and Coronavirus news

Germany Bans UK Travellers – More to Follow?

Germany has tightened restrictions on travel from the UK in an attempt to curb the spread of the Omicron variant. From midnight on Sunday, or 11 pm UK time, Germany bans UK travellers to Germany, except for German nationals, residents and transit passengers. Germany Bans travel from UK Germany is placing restrictions on travel from…
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France Bans UK Travellers Due to New COVID-19 Variant

Travellers from the UK face a ban on non-essential travel and stricter restrictions when travelling to France after cases of the coronavirus Indian variant have been detected in the UK and cases are growing. According to the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the UK will not end up in a red-list country, but it…
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Greece Reopening to Travellers: What to Expect

Greece permitted travellers from the United States, and other countries to enter for the first time in more than a year starting 14 May. Greece reopened to international tourists who provide a negative coronavirus test or proof of vaccination. Greece took taking early steps to a full reopening by allowing tourists from the USA, the…
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Greece Opens for Travel and Tourism

Greece officially launched its 2021 tourism season on 14th May. It reopened museums and beaches after the global pandemic put a halt to travel & tourism in a country that heavily relies on tourists.  This year, it has implemented its own vaccine and testing requirements for visitors prior to the EU bringing in its own…
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Spain Allows Visitors from the UK and Other Countries from Monday

Spain is currently on the UK’s amber travel list. It means that anyone returning has to self-isolate for 10 days and take two COVID tests. But from this Monday, Spain will allow travellers from the UK and Japan for holidays without the need for a negative PCR test for COVID-19. Being on the UK’s amber…
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