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Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Countries that allow visa-free travel with Refugee Travel Documents

The information below changes regularly. For example, the UK leaving the EU may change the ability to travel visa-free to European countries. Therefore, you should always check the visa requirements of your country of destination before you travel. This question comes up when you are considering travelling to one of the European or Schengen Countries…
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Travel Is Not How You Find Yourself, It’s How You Escape Yourself

It’s been a long 9 months since international travel was the thing we thought about and did easily. Of course, there have been those of you who have had to travel for work, for studies or have been here in the UK, having to renew your visa for you or your family members. So we’ve…
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EU Settlement Scheme: EU Citizens Staying in the UK After Brexit

The UK government has finally announced the answer to the question that was preoccupying many EU citizens, “What will happen to us after Brexit?”     If you are an EU citizen or a family member and would like to stay in the UK after Brexit you will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme in…
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France announces second lockdown, UK to follow

Coronavirus Second Wave– Europe Enters Coronavirus Second Wave with Lockdowns As France reported more than 36,000 new Coronavirus cases, French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed new lockdown measures for France. France entered a new coronavirus lockdown on 30th October until at least December 1. The announcement came shortly after neighbouring Germany announced a new lockdown.…
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Brexit: UK Nationals Face Hour Long Queues When Travelling to Europe

EU Confirms loss of using fast lanes British travellers could face hours of delays and an extended wait at EU airports if e-gates are blocked. Studies suggest the loss of access to automatic gates and the need for extra passport checks could delay British nationals by an extra hour as they move through some European…
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