Venice Entry Fee 2024:What You Need To Know

Venice Entry Fee 2024:What You Need To Know

This summer, visitors to the picturesque city of Venice will be required to pay an extra fee, courtesy of a newly introduced tourism tax.

Officials imposed the fee on all tourists to address the issue of congestion, particularly on peak weekends in the Italian city known for its lengthy canals and lack of roads.

The city council has officially announced the introduction of an online payment platform for tourists to book tickets. The charge mandates visitors to acquire a special QR code through the website, to be presented at various locations across the city.

Let's discover all the key information about when and how much you'll personally need to pay.

Tourism Tax Explained

The rollout of the tourist tax follows Venice's narrowly avoiding placement on UNESCO's danger list last year. It's said this is due to damage caused by overtourism to its delicate ecosystem.

The entry fee is pivotal in Venice's avoiding UNESCO's danger list.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro emphasised that the fee isn't aimed at boosting revenue but is a groundbreaking experiment to manage tourist traffic in one of the globe's top destinations. The main objective is to encourage visitors to opt for less crowded times, fostering a more sustainable and livable city.

Beginning this year, visitors must pay a €5 fee to enter the delicate lagoon city on 29 specified days, including peak weekends and certain dates from April to mid-July. 

The day-tripper cost is applicable during peak hours from 8:30 AM to 4 PM, thus visitors entering the city after this time will not need the tourism permit.

Numerous exemptions apply to the entry fee system, including residents, Venetian-born visitors, students, workers, and tourists with lodging reservations.

Visitors can now reserve their day in Venice on a dedicated platform as of 16 January, paying €5 to receive a QR code checked at spot controls in various access points around the city.

Mayor Brugnaro clarified that the new day-tripper contribution is not intended to discourage tourism but rather to manage it more effectively. He acknowledged potential glitches in the visitor program, stating that adjustments may be necessary after its initial rollout.

Venice is not unique in implementing a tourist tax; several other destinations worldwide have also adopted similar measures to manage tourism and address related challenges. Check out this blog post to see which destinations have introduced a tourist tax this year.

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