Digital Nomads To Greece Need To Apply From Home Countries In 2024

Digital Nomads To Greece Need To Apply From Home Countries In 2024

The Greece digital nomad visa is considered one of the easier digital nomad visas to get hold of.

Boasting some of the lowest costs of living in Europe, Greece is a highly popular choice for many digital nomads. However, authorities in Greece have announced a shift in the application procedure as they will no longer allow in-country applications for the Digital Nomad Visa.

The new changes will become effective starting January 1, 2024.

Starting from the same date, applicants will be required to apply through Greek consular posts, meaning that applications must be filed in the applicant’s country of citizenship or residence.

The Digital Nomad Visa permits non-EU nationals to legally live and work from Greece for up to 2 years.

To benefit from this kind of visa, interested individuals must meet specific conditions such as proof they work as digital nomads, hold a valid employment contract registered outside Greece, and have a monthly salary not less than €3,500, among others.

The number of digital nomads in Greece is continuously increasing. In 2021, only 10 people filed a request for this kind of visa, while in 2022, the number reached 595, according to the figures from Ekathimerini.

In 2022 the majority of applications for this visa came from Russians, or more specifically 433 out of 595, while in 2023 from the total 70 requests submitted, only 48 are Russians.

According to a study from  “MIT Enterprise Forum” published earlier this year, Greece could benefit over €1.6 billion if it would attract 100,000 digital nomads each year, with an average of six months.

The survey considered that such an amount is nearly the income generated by a week’s stay of 2.5 million tourists.

Thus, to attract digital nomads, Greece’s Ministry of Tourism developed the Digital Nomads initiative in several cities, taking into account Ermoupolis, Heraklion, and Kalamata.

The Hellenic Republic’s Digital Nomad Visa is valid for one year, and it can be extended to a maximum of three years. Those who plan to stay for more than one year, are required to apply for a residence permit before their digital nomad visa expires.

Up to this point, several countries offer Digital Nomad Visa programs that significantly contribute to their economies.

Among the countries offering such programs are: Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary,  Iceland as well as Latvia, Malta, Romania, the Netherlands, and Norway.

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