Hungary Proposes Stricter Guidelines on Employment Migration

Hungary Proposes Stricter Guidelines on Employment Migration

The Hungarian government is presenting a comprehensive legislative proposal aimed at refining and defining the legal parameters for residence and employment of foreign nationals within the country.

This legislation holds the purpose of precisely delineating who qualifies for residency in Hungary and the duration they are permitted to stay. Residence terms will no longer be indefinite, and extensions won't occur automatically.

The proposed law outlines specific legal prerequisites and terms governing the residency and employment of foreigners in Hungary.

Non-compliance with Hungarian laws and regulations will necessitate immediate departure or potential expulsion.

Foreigners may only assume positions for which no Hungarian applicants are available. The intake of guest workers will not surpass the number of job vacancies, and their residency will have predefined temporal constraints, as clarified by the ministry. Entry into Hungary is contingent upon strict adherence to the criteria, legal foundations, timeframes, and conditions specified by the Hungarian government.

Long-term residence and employment for citizens from non-EU countries will require explicit authorisation from the state. As stated in the statement, their presence must demonstrably benefit Hungarian society while not disadvantage any Hungarian person.

These proposed reforms underscore the government's efforts to define clearer guidelines for non-EU citizens' residency and employment, aiming to ensure a fair and regulated approach that aligns with Hungary's national interests and values.

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