Three European Countries Removed All COVID-19 Entry Rules

Three European Countries Removed All COVID-19 Entry Rules

The European Union’s recommendations to remove bans on non-essential international travel for fully vaccinated visitors are now in effect.

Many of the countries followed suit when the council recommended gradually lifting restrictions for travellers. However, these three countries have lifted all Covid restrictions altogether.

After evaluating the current COVID-19 situation and concluding that travel restrictions no longer play a significant role in preventing the spread of the virus, Iceland, Norway and Slovenia have entirely lifted their entry measure related to Covid-19.

Iceland Covid Measures

The Icelandic government announced last month that all travellers, regardless of their vaccination and recovery status, would be able to enter the country without having to follow any restrictions.

“All COVID-19 measures at the Icelandic border have now ended. Thereby no COVID-19 prevention measures will be in place at the border, regardless of whether individuals are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Please note that visa requirements have not changed,”

Icelandic Government

Apart from abolishing its travel restrictions applied to incoming travellers, Iceland has also lifted all of its domestic COVID-19 restrictions.

Norway Covid Measures

Similar to Iceland, Norway has also already lifted all of its entry rules. Since 12 February, all travellers, even those who have not been vaccinated, recovered, or tested, have been able to travel to Norway without worrying about the entry measures.

“No testing, no quarantining, no registration! As of February 12, 2022, all COVID-19 entry requirements have been lifted for all travellers to Norway,”

Norwegian Government

Additionally, Norway has also lifted all the remaining national COVID-19 rules. Travellers, as well as citizens of the country, are no longer to keep a mask on or follow social distancing rules. Social and cultural life is also back to normal.

“Other restrictions have also been lifted. You do not need to wear a face mask anywhere in the country, and social distancing rules have also been lifted. Social and cultural life is now back to normal: all bars, restaurants, and museums are open, and you can attend all kinds of events, such as concerts and conferences,”

Norwegian Government

Slovenia Covid Measures

Slovenia has also ended its restrictions. Travellers can now enter Slovenia without having to present a vaccination or a recovery certificate, or a negative test result.

“As of February 19, 2022, restrictions due to Covid-19 no longer apply when entering Slovenia. This means that the RVT (recovered/vaccinated/tested) condition no longer has to be met at the border, and travellers will no longer be ordered to quarantine at home,”

Slovenian Government

Moreover, the country has also abolished domestic COVID-19 restrictions, thus returning to its pre-pandemic state.

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