UK Booster Shot Required for Overseas Travel in 2022

UK Booster Shot Required for Overseas Travel in 2022

After reports that a booster shot is needed for UK nationals to travel, it has been confirmed that booster jabs will not be required for travellers until 2022.

According to a UAE paper The National, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has told reporters at Dubai’s Expo 2020 event that he did not “see any prospect” of any major travel rule changes that would affect ex-pats visiting the UK for Christmas 2021.

The UAE is one of the UK’s largest trading partners, bringing in almost £18 billion to the UK economy every year.

Mr Shapps said that travel rules for people entering the UK would not change before the end of 2021, in a bid to reassure the many UAE-based British ex-pats who may be travelling to the UK for the holidays.

I’ve met with the relevant aviation minister in the UAE and we spoke about the issue of travel between the two countries.

We are very keen to keep the routes open, we absolutely want to do that and we do not see any prospect of anything else happening this Christmas.

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

He also said that any changes to rules for incoming travellers regarding booster jab status would not be implemented before the new year.

We all understand that boosters are the way forward.

Even if people do not have their booster, they will still be able to come back [to the UK] as we are not making any rules changes this year. We are committed to not readdressing the booster situation until the new year, so there will not be any rule changes at our end.

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

COVID Vaccination Validity

At present, fully vaccinated individuals with just two doses of a UK-approved vaccine can enter the UK without quarantine.

Some EU countries such as Austria and Croatia have set time limits on the validity of a two-dose vaccination course, citing waning immunity after the first few months.

France recently added a time limit for getting a booster jab for visitors aged over 65.

British nationals who have had a third booster dose will be able to demonstrate their updated vaccination status via NHS COVID Pass from 19 November. This can be used if UK nationals will travel to countries such as Israel, Croatia and Austria who have already introduced a time limit for the COVID-19 vaccine to be valid for quarantine-free travel.

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