Countries That Most Likely to Approve Your Schengen Visa in 2024

Countries That Most Likely to Approve Your Schengen Visa in 2024

Planning a trip to Europe and worried about your Schengen visa approval? 

Knowing which countries have the highest approval rates can ease your concerns and help you plan better. 

Here's a look at the Schengen states where your visa application is most likely to be approved.

Leading the pack, Iceland had an impressive 97.8% approval rate in 2023. Out of 22,500 applications, over 21,000 were approved, making Iceland a top choice for travellers seeking a high likelihood of visa approval.

Following Iceland, Switzerland, and Latvia also boast high approval rates. Switzerland approved 89.3% of its 603,000 visa applications, while Latvia approved 88.3% of 19,000 applications. These countries are excellent options if you're looking for a higher chance of a positive response.

Italy and Luxembourg are also favourable destinations for visa applicants, with approval rates of 88% and 87.3%, respectively. These countries make the top five list for ease of obtaining a Schengen visa.

In 2023, Schengen states collectively issued 84% of all visa applications, approving 8.4 million out of 10.3 million requests. This average gives a good benchmark but aiming for countries with higher rates can increase your chances.

For the best chance of securing a Schengen visa, consider applying to Iceland, Switzerland, Latvia, Italy, or Luxembourg. While most Schengen states maintain a high approval rate, these countries stand out as particularly reliable options.

Avoid the hassle and choose your destination wisely to ensure a smooth and enjoyable European adventure in 2024.

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