Finland Increased Minimum Salary Criteria For EU Blue Cards

Finland Increased Minimum Salary Criteria For EU Blue Cards

The Finnish immigration authorities have introduced revised salary thresholds for Specialist and EU Blue Card permit applications in 2024.

These adjusted salary levels apply to both first residence permits and extensions.

Failing to meet the new requirements necessitates applying for a residence permit for an employed person, as opposed to a Specialist or EU Blue Card permit. 

To be eligible for a residence permit for an employed person, individuals must have confirmed employment before submitting their application. The salary must be at least EUR 1,331 per month. The residence permit for an employed person may undergo labour market testing, wherein employers must determine the availability of labour within a reasonable timeframe in Finland or the EU/EEA for the specific job. 

In 2024, the salary threshold for the Specialist permit has risen from EUR 3,437 to EUR 3,638 per month.

For the EU Blue Card permit, the salary threshold, which was set at EUR 5,209 per month in 2023, has increased to EUR 5,457 per month in 2024.

In cases where an applicant seeks an extension for an EU Blue Card, and the salary falls short of the requirement, Finnish immigration authorities will process the application as a Specialist permit application. 

However, if the salary aligns with the Specialist expert salary requirement, they will issue an extension permit for the Specialist permit type. If the salary fails to meet the Specialist minimum salary requirement, the application will be processed under the “residence permit for an employed person.”

This category involves significantly longer processing times, potentially causing considerable delays in the extension process.

While the number of migrants and expats in Finland may not be as high as in some other European countries, the country's welcoming atmosphere, high living standards, and job opportunities continue to attract individuals from around the world. Additionally, various programs and initiatives are in place to support the integration of expatriates into Finnish society.

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