Travel Is Not How You Find Yourself, It’s How You Escape Yourself

Travel Is Not How You Find Yourself, It’s How You Escape Yourself

It’s been a long 9 months since international travel was the thing we thought about and did easily.

Of course, there have been those of you who have had to travel for work, for studies or have been here in the UK, having to renew your visa for you or your family members.

So we’ve been reading an article from Brianna Wiest, who loves to travel and has travelled a lot, including Italy multiple times, Paris, Indonesia.

She says that traveling does not necessarily make you a better person.

You don’t need to travel to Machu Picchu to “find yourself”, or climb Kilimanjaro to “soul search” or know what you want to do in your life.

Agreeing that becoming who you are, is a process of deep self-inquiry, learning, and mindfully changing your habits…

Self-awareness doesn’t strike you on the Amalfi coast. Confusion doesn’t clear when you get far enough from its source. Your soul isn’t on the other side of the world.

The virtue of travel is that it exposes you to other cultures, people and ways of life. It helps develop a global mindset, it puts things into perspective.

It’s exciting and fulfilling in its own way.

It’s also a status symbol. It sets you apart. It makes you nomadic, and interesting.

It can make you think you are beyond the norms your peers have fallen beholden to.

If traveling does fundamentally change you, it’s only because you’ve done some important self-work while you were there. But it’s work you can do anywhere, and very few people actually get around to it when there’s a new city to explore and world to get lost in.

At the very least, travelling helps you temporarily forget about your responsibilities and terse relationships and the problems you have yet to resolve. It is a way to insert something new and exciting into your life.

And what we need to do is to forget our responsibilities and insert something new into our lives, as we did in the previous years.

Some of us are still travelling.

…some for work,

…some for pleasure,

…some of us to get away,

…some of us to prepare for Brexit.

But what we can all agree on is when this global pandemic is under control, travel will be back on the cards.

Maybe this Christmas period. Or maybe next year. But one thing is for sure, governments are gearing up for the return to international travel.

So what are the tell-tale signs of getting back to normal?

The coronavirus vaccines that have been coming out with 90%+ efficacy rates.

Governments, like the UK & Canada joining other countries to remove the quarantine requirements, in place of COVID-19 tests.

And finally, the airlines, airports and the wider travel industry gearing up for travel restarting once again.

Check us out on YouTube or read our blog for details!

So what does it mean when travel returns?

Travel in times of corona…

Travels & holidays will become more expensive. Losses, by the travel industry, will need to be covered.

More products may need to be purchased, like COVID tests and masks, additional cleaning at accommodation destinations, security… etcetera, etcetera.

But before then, there are bargains to be had. This Friday is Black Friday

…an opportunity to get bargains for this year and next.

And let’s be honest, we all need a break from 2020!

So, to get us off to a good reboot (let’s call it Christmas holidays & the year 2021), we’ve partnered with some travel brands you already know, to give you some of the best Black Friday deals.

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If you need the distraction, if you’ve figured out what you already want, then check out Brianna’s article and we hope you’ll agree that…

Travel certainly adds value to your life in that it offers you experience. unique experience.

Experience that could very well shift the way that you see the world and your place within it.

Experience that could very well tell you something about customs and norms and how you’d prefer to live.

Maybe you’ll come home with some of the habits and language you learned…

Maybe you’ll have an interaction that impacts you forever…

Maybe you stuff a few souvenirs into a suitcase and call it a day…[or maybe you come home with a partner].”

…and if you plan to travel in the next six months, or after the vaccine, check out the Black Friday deals on offer.

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