Can Americans Still Travel to Europe?

Can Americans Still Travel to Europe?

On 30 August, the Council of the European Union removed the United States from the EU’s list of epidemiologically safe third countries and recommended to the Member States to bring back the entry restrictions on non-essential travel due to a growing number of Coronavirus cases.

Although the EU officially recommended imposing restrictions, it is up to the Member States to decide whether they want to reinstate the entry ban on travel.

Even if all the Member States decide to impose the ban on non-essential travel from the US, this does not necessarily mean that all travel between the bloc and the US will be halted, especially for vaccinated travellers.

EU Countries That Permit Entry to Vaccinated Tourists

For vaccinated Americans, the EU's recommendation will not change travel restrictions that much. Here are the countries that allow fully vaccinated tourists.


France permits non-restricted entry for travellers who have been fully vaccinated and are capable of showing valid proof, even from countries that are not included in the EU’s list of epidemiologically safe third countries.

“If you are vaccinated, you can travel to France with no restrictions linked to health conditions. The measures applicable to vaccinated adults also apply to any minors accompanying them, whether they are vaccinated or not,” the French authorities have stated.

Travel for those who are not vaccinated, on the other hand, is only if they have a compelling purpose of entry, like study or work.


Finland permits non-restricted travel from countries outside of the EU’s list for visitors who are fully vaccinated by one of the approved EU vaccines.

“You can enter Finland from all countries if you have received a full course of an approved COVID-19 vaccine while taking into account the provisions on the entry of foreign nationals into Finland, e.g. visa requirements. You will not be subject to any other obligations under the Communicable Diseases Act,” the Finnish government explains.


In mid-August, even before the EU decided to remove the US from its safe travel list, Germany had already declared the US a ‘high-risk’ country and began requiring that American tourists either be fully vaccinated or provide proof of their prior recovery from COVID-19 infection.

Unvaccinated visitors may still be gain entry but will need to quarantine for a full 10 days or reduce their isolation period by submitting a negative test result after the fifth day. This rule is valid until the end of September.

To see updated information for EU countries that allow vaccinated tourists, check the Re-open EU website.

Countries Not Following the EU Recommendation

As the EU’s recommendation is not legally binding for its members, here are the following EU members who have expressed that they will not restrict travel for US travellers.


Croatia will continue to allow US travellers to enter the country despite the EU’s recommendation to impose stricter measures on tourists from the US.

This is a recommendation. There have been situations before when Croatia did not follow the EU recommendations, so when it comes to American citizens, it will not this time either. We know that Americans mostly come to us as tourists, which means that they have met all the epidemiological conditions for coming.

Statement from Croatian Minister Davor Božinović

To enter Croatia, travellers must present either proof of vaccination, a negative PCR or antigen test performed within 72 hours of departure, or proof of recovery.


The Irish government has said that it will not reinstate travel restrictions on travellers from the United States.

The current entry requirements for Ireland are a passenger locator form, and proof of vaccination or recovery.

If travellers cannot provide proof, they are required to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours and quarantine for 14 days which can be shortened upon receipt of a negative PCR test taken from day five onwards after arrival into the country.


Portugal will not apply EU’s advice and will permit US travellers to enter its territory, including for tourism, provided that they present a negative result of the Coronavirus test taken 48 hours before departure.

“Portugal has confirmed that discretionary, non-essential travel is still allowed, provided visitors present a negative COVID-19 test result at boarding and entry into the country,” according to a statement published by Portugal’s tourism authority, Visit Portugal.

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