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Schengen Countries: Where in Europe Can You Travel on a Schengen Visa

The Schengen Countries, also known as the Schengen States or Schengen Members, are European countries that you can visit on a Schengen Visa. They are primarily located in the European Area (or EU countries).  The uniform visa that allows you to travel to each of these countries is based on an agreement, internationally known as…
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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions – Europe travel restrictions on borders

The coronavirus travel restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU Is Europe in a complete shutdown after the prevalence of coronavirus in the Schengen area and Europe?  Can you still apply for a Schengen Visa or use your Schengen Visa to travel? Check out how the EU Commission has fixed some rules regarding travelling. It…
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Schengen Visa Fees – How much will your Schengen visa cost?

Since 2nd February 2020, the European Union has agreed on a new Schengen Visa Fee scale. They have announced a 33% increase in fees for most applicants. This is the first increase since 2006.  When you apply for a Schengen visa there is a non-refundable and mandatory visa fee that almost every person must pay.…
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Schengen Visa Application Requirements

Contents The success of your Schengen Visa application essentially depends on how you apply for a Schengen visa and follow the application process correctly by submitting all the necessary required documents. The rules dictating the Schengen Visa application process are strict, one misstep and you can kiss the chance of your application getting approved bye-bye.…
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How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in the UK and Elsewhere

An up-to-date ultimate guide on everything you need to know when setting a Schengen visa appointment and heading to the Schengen area  The Schengen Zone The Schengen Area is a zone consisting of 26 European countries that share rights of unrestricted movement of people, lack of internal borders, common rules for the control of external…
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