Spain Launches Safe Travel Campaign for UK Holidaymakers

Spain Launches Safe Travel Campaign for UK Holidaymakers

Spain continues to boost travellers’ confidence by showcasing efforts regarding health and safety measures through the “Travel Safe” campaign, with Spanish borders slowly opening to international travellers, and the gradual approach of the anticipated summer vacation.

Tourism officials in Spain have announced measures designed to prepare the country for the return of UK visitors.

Foreign holidays may resume from 17 May at the earliest, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Government has said. A lot of people have been anticipating his announcement in the coming weeks.

However, strict rules on returning to the UK will be enforced based on a “traffic light” system that assigns red, amber, or green to every overseas destination.

The Balearic Islands and Canaries could be given green status, while Spain’s mainland resorts are likely to be in the amber tier.

Ready to Welcome UK Nationals

Javier Piñanes, director of the Spanish Tourist Office in the UK, said:

Whilst we are currently unable to travel to Spain, there are still a number of exciting developments taking place.

Regions have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that the travel sector is well prepared for tourism to restart with extensive health and safety measures in place to ensure visitors are safe.

Snr. Piñanes explained that the national tourism office had also rolled out a campaign titled ‘Travel Safe’, designed to inform travellers on requirements and conditions for safe travels to Spain and inspire and encourage tourists to travel in a safe way.

He added:

We have incorporated an interactive microsite into with up-to-date information on the entry requirements to Spain, border closures, mobility restrictions, capacity in restaurants, and other tourist services.

Information is presented in a user-friendly way, so that the traveller will know all the preventive measures and regulations before, during, and after their trip.

With these key actions and the major tourism developments, Spain is a leader in travel safety and offers a very attractive proposition for holidaymakers post-pandemic.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour in the form of a steady tourist flow between Spain and the United Kingdom as soon as travel is reinstated.

Spain is a popular holiday destination for UK nationals as the country offers limitless experience including breathtaking natural scenery and adventure. Spain aims to dedicate its efforts in attracting British nationals to encourage travel to the country and its beautiful islands once the British government gives the greenlight.

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