The US to Lift Travel Ban

The US to Lift Travel Ban

To the relief of the beleaguered transatlantic travel sector, the United States could soon welcome travellers from European countries, as US President Joe Biden has indicated that soon the ban imposed on travel from Europe could be abolished.

The United States administration has suspended flights from Europe for 16 months now in an effort to stop the further spread of the coronavirus.

Although the European Council added the US to the list of countries considered epidemiologically safe, permitting its residents to visit all European Union Member States without any restriction, the US still does not allow European travellers to enter its territory.

The Ambassador of the European Union to the United States, Stavros Lambrinidis, previously said that 60% of foreign investment in the United States comes from European states.

He also urged the US to terminate such restrictions imposed on European citizens.

In addition, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VCMA) sent a letter to the United States embassy in Berlin, urging the authorities to permit German citizens to travel to the US again.

Meeting of World Leaders

US President Biden’s recent comments that came during a news conference with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the White House showed that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

When asked about when the US travel ban could end, President Biden stated:

It’s in the process of (considering) how soon we can lift the ban … and I will be able to answer that question to you within the next several days.

US President Joe Biden

German Chancellor Merkel, in this regard, said that President Biden had also told her the same thing during their meeting, that he was looking into the matter.

Before such a decision, one has to reflect. It’s not sensible to have to take it back after only a few days.

German Chancellor Merkel

The abolishment of the ban would bring huge benefits for carriers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) previously reported that Europe’s travel and tourism sector last year suffered the most profound economic collapse due to the coronavirus.

Cautious Border Opening

Countries with successful vaccination campaigns are gradually opening to international travellers.

The EU is slowly opening up for vaccinated travellers especially with the launch of the EU Digital Covid Certificate. This is also the same with the UK as the country eased restrictions on 19 July.

Canada has recently announced that they may accept vaccinated international travellers from 7 September.

People are anticipating news from Australia, New Zealand and the US on when they can let restricted travellers into their territories again.

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