US Extends Covid Vaccine Mandate For International Travellers

US Extends Covid Vaccine Mandate For International Travellers

The United States is open to tourists from all countries without a need to provide a negative Covid-19 test. While many COVID-19 travel restrictions have been removed, unvaccinated travel to the USA for non-citizens/residents remains banned.

The US government has extended its existing Covid-19 entry requirements to mid-April.

The current regime, which requires international travellers to the US to be fully vaccinated against the virus, had been due to end on 8 January but it has now been extended to 10 April 2023 by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The rules were first put in place in October 2021 as the US prepared to reopen its borders to international travellers in November 2021 after being closed for 20 months due to the pandemic.

The requirements apply to any non-US citizen who will still need to provide proof of receiving at least two Covid vaccine doses or an acceptable single-dose vaccine such as the Johnson & Johnson.

Foreign airlines are also required not to allow any non-US travellers who do not fulfil these vaccination rules to board their flights to the US.

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US Travel Restrictions For Arrivals From China

In response to the surge of Covid-19 infection rates in China, the United States has reinstated travel restrictions for incoming travellers from China. 

From 05 January 2023, arrivals from China, Hong Kong, and Macau are required to show a negative Covid-19 test before boarding flights or documentation of recovery from the virus. The new requirement will apply to passengers two years and older, regardless of nationality and vaccination status.

The requirement will also apply to individuals travelling from China via third-country transit and to passengers connecting through the United States onward to further destinations.

US Visa Delays Sees Improvement

Global average wait times for US visitor visas dropped below 150 days in January for the first time since 2021, according to the U.S. Travel Association. They still, however, remain higher than 400 days for India, Brazil, Mexico and top inbound visa-requiring markets excluding China.

According to the report, waiving interview requirements for low-risk renewals and opening embassies and consulates on Saturdays to process visas has helped to cut the wait time.

The State Department expects it will be fully staffed by this summer and plans to have wait times under 120 days by the end of the current fiscal year.

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