Discover the Opportunity: Remote Irish Islands Offering €80,000 Incentive to Relocate

Discover the Opportunity: Remote Irish Islands Offering €80,000 Incentive to Relocate

Dreaming of owning a house on a captivating island? Well, Ireland is about to transform your wishes into reality with an exciting new program.

In an effort to revitalise Ireland's offshore communities, enticing cash grants are being extended to individuals seeking a fresh start on remote islands.

If the idea of leaving everything behind and embarking on a life-changing journey to a secluded island has ever crossed your mind, now is your moment.

Ireland has introduced a program that rewards generous cash incentives to those who choose to relocate to the nation's captivating offshore communities.

This initiative forms a key part of Ireland's “Our Living Islands” policy, which aims to invigorate the population of the country's enchanting islands.

“The objective of this policy is to ensure that sustainable, vibrant communities can thrive on the offshore islands for many years to come,”

Irish Government

While the prospect of such an escape seems idyllic, it is important to be aware of a few requirements.

How to Secure Payment for Island Relocation in Ireland

The “Our Living Islands” scheme focuses on supporting communities residing on 30 islands, which are disconnected from the mainland by bridges and tides.

As part of this project, the Irish government pledges to provide over €80,000 to new residents of offshore communities.

However, this does not mean you can move into a cozy island cottage and receive a hefty bank deposit immediately.

These substantial cash grants are offered to rescue and restore numerous abandoned and deteriorating properties found across the islands.

Consequently, there are specific conditions to meet in order to be eligible for this funding.

Prospective residents must purchase and own a property on one of the islands. The building should have been constructed prior to 1993 and remained vacant for at least two years.

Additionally, guidelines exist regarding the utilisation of the funds once granted. The money can be allocated toward building work, including insulation installation, structural improvements, and redecoration.

For those who navigate through these requirements, the opportunity to access up to €84,000 presents itself—an opportunity to salvage a property from ruin and transform it into the dwelling of their dreams.

The “Our Living Islands” grants extend the existing “Croí Cónaithe” scheme, which operates on mainland Ireland. However, the amount offered for renovating a house on one of Ireland's islands is higher due to the increased costs associated with less developed infrastructure.

If the notion of embracing an isolated life on a pristine island entices you, applications for the program will be available from July 1st. It is worth noting that each island's local authorities may have slight variations in their eligibility policies, so it is advisable to obtain further details from the “Our Living Islands” website.

Among the remote escapes awaiting exploration are Arranmore, situated off the coast of County Donegal, adorned with golden sands and rugged cliffs, and Clare Island, located off the coast of County Mayo, a haven for avid hikers with a resident population of merely 160.

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