King Charles’ Coronation: Flight Restrictions And Travel Disruptions

King Charles’ Coronation: Flight Restrictions And Travel Disruptions

Flight restrictions have been imposed above central London this weekend for King Charles’ coronation.

The restrictions will ban light aircraft and drones from flying below 2,500 feet in an area over the capital on 05 and 06 May, which includes Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. The restrictions will be in force from 9 AM on Friday until 9 PM on Saturday due to the coronation.

On 06 May, the coronation service will be held at Westminster Abbey following a procession from Buckingham Palace.

While commercial aviation should experience minimal disruption, smaller, private aircraft will likely be restricted from entering London airspace throughout most of the afternoon of the coronation.

There are also curbs on airspace usage due to a flypast of more than 60 aircraft from the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force including the Red Arrows.

How To Get Around London During The Coronation

With millions of people set to be in London will cause some travel disruption. Network Rail has warned passengers to ‘allow extra time and check live updates'. Trains and tubes will be running as normal, but services are expected to be very busy.

Transport for London (TfL) has said short-term safety measures such as queuing, closures, trains non-stopping, or changes to the way people enter or exit a station are likely to be necessary, especially in central London. Some bus routes in the Westminster area will be diverted or will stop short of their destination. 

Restrictions will be in place on roads in Westminster from 7 PM on 05 May. Westminster Council has published a map showing the full area that will be closed to vehicles during the coronation weekend. 

The council stated that “The roads and parks around central London will be affected by significant road closures and parking suspensions on 5 and 6 May. Vehicles, including cars, buses, coaches, vans, trucks, motorbikes or bicycles, will not be allowed into the restricted event area once closures are in place,”

Restrictions will be lifted as soon as it is deemed safe to remove them.

Watching The Coronation In London

People can watch the coronation processions through London in person at viewing areas along the procession route, on both sides of The Mall and Whitehall. The viewing areas will be open from 6 AM on 06 May. You do not need a ticket to attend.

Government advice states:

“You should be aware that large crowds are expected, and be prepared to queue to enter the viewing areas. Follow the directions given by stewards and the police, who will monitor crowd numbers and ensure everyone can enter safely and securely.

People should note that the best access point to the viewing areas may not be the nearest station.

For the viewing area at The Mall, it is recommended to use either Waterloo, Charing Cross, Piccadilly, or Green Park stations.

For Whitehall, it is recommended you use Embankment, Westminster, or Charing Cross.

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