Prepare for Your Spanish Getaway 2023: New Rules You Need To Know To Avoid Hefty Fines

Prepare for Your Spanish Getaway 2023: New Rules You Need To Know To Avoid Hefty Fines

Spain is one of the top destinations for UK travellers with almost 14 million tourists visiting the country and its neighbouring islands in 2022.

Visitors to Spain this summer should be aware of a slew of new restrictions that may land them with a hefty fine.

Spanish locals who grew tired of the noise and excesses of drunken visitors have forced their officials to crack down on offensive and obnoxious conduct, resulting in the implementation of a variety of new laws.

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If you are hoping to spend the summer in Spain, you should be aware of all the new travel laws that have been implemented before heading for your getaway.

Entry to Spain Post-Brexit

British holidaymakers heading to Spain or any other Schengen state must make sure that their passport was issued in the past 10 years at the time of entry, and it must be valid for at least three months on the date that you leave the country.

Travellers make sure they get their passports stamped when they enter or exit the country, as this is used to keep track of how long they have been in the country.

Travellers may be asked to prove they are able to spend at least €100 each day of their holiday, accommodation and evidence of return or onward ticket.

Restaurant Reservations

It is no longer acceptable to simply make restaurant reservations in your name. Last year, it was decided that diners need to give their credit card information while booking a reservation.

Restaurants are experiencing an absence of diners even after obtaining confirmed bookings, causing them to lose money. To address this, diners who fail to show up for their reservations will be charged 20 per cent of the average anticipated bill.

Dress Code For Restaurants

Last year, over 11 restaurants on the island of Mallorca introduced dress codes for diners and put a ban on beachwear to encourage customers to wear appropriate clothing while dining in their establishment. 

Some banned clothes are swimming trunks, swimming suits, tank tops without straps, football jerseys/clothing with football strips and clothes purchased from street vendors.

Wherever you are in Spain, if you're heading out, it's always worth double-checking dress codes for your restaurant or bar to avoid being turned away at the door.

Fine For Making Too Much Noise

From this year, authorities in Alicante, a tourist hotspot on Spain’s east coast, will levy a heavy fine if one is found to be making too much noise in the city. 

The fines could range from EUR 600 to EUR 30,000 and the ban includes playing loud music on the beach, scraping furniture during anti-social hours, or even talking too loudly.

Mallorca’s party boats will also be under checks for noise pollution, and police could come and break parties on boats if too much noise is made.

Smoking Ban on Beaches

Several smoking bans have been introduced across many popular beaches of the Balearic Islands and all the beaches in Barcelona and those breaking the rules have been warned they face fines.

The ban hopes to eliminate the litter problem of cigarette butts being left on the sand.

Illegal Parties

Authorities in the Balearic Islands are now cracking down on attendees and organisers of unlicensed events. 

They can be issued fines up to EUR 25,000 in Ibiza and Mallorca, with police also having the authority to shut down these parties.

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