Month: August 2014

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Glyndwr University student visa appeal

The probe followed a BBC Panorama investigation into the issuing of English language certificates (February 2014) on which the granting of UK student visas depends. The results show that approximately 3,040 of Glyndwr’s 8,800 students were from overseas. Glyndwr university lost its trusted sponsor status for overseas students in June this year after a Home Office…
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Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

One of the biggest concerns of any student is what they will do after obtaining their degree. This concern is no different whether the student is a national of their country or an overseas migrant on a student visa. Those in the United Kingdom who hold Tier 4 (Adult) visas have several options available to…
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Mandatory Ban from the United Kingdom and its Exceptions

People who have previously breached the Immigration Rules can be banned from the United Kingdom. Mandatory bans can be imposed against you for a set period of time depending on your circumstances which will render any application you make during that period automatically refused. You will be subject to a period of mandatory ban mentioned…
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Tier 4 Student visa dependants

If you are on a Tier 4 visa in the United Kingdom and are thinking about extending your stay or switch immigration categories, it is important that you seek legal advice with IAM. The rules are complicated and the decisions you make can affect your future immigration status in the UK. Under the Tier 4…
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Legal Apprenticeships approved

“The current apprenticeships in legal services will remain as they are until the new framework, which is likely to be launched next year, is in place.” Two new conveyancing apprenticeships are being created – one to become a licensed conveyancer and another to become a ‘conveyancing technician’. The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)…
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