Month: February 2015

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Tier 1 General Renewals Competition - Closed


Are You Ready For the Tier 1 General Renewals Competition? #iamtier1generalrenewals #iamCompetition iam announces the first competition of the year: Tier 1 General Renewals last chance! As the Tier 1 General category comes to an end with no more Tier 1 General renewals after April this year, iam want to launch a promotion to see the end of a…
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India increase consular services in UK

India increase consular services in UK because of high demand on last year. The Indian High Commission in London will expand its consular services for visa, passport and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) applications to cut waiting time and make the system more user-friendly in the country. It will be outsourcing with VFS Global, an…
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Faster Visa Processing for Filipinos

Faster Visa Processing for Filipinos, UK embassy announced last week good news on visa processing time for Filipinos. The long wait for processing of visas is over. Last year around 53,000 UK Visas were granted to Philippine nationals. As per that, the  24 hour Super Priority Visa Service (SPVS) have been launched to ease urgent…
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Home Office Proposed Visa Fees increase

Home Office Proposed Visa Fees increase were launched on the beginning of February. This document tells you how much it may cost to apply for a UK visa from April 2015. It includes fees for all visas including: visitor; work; student; settlement; naturalisation. Please note that these fees are not finalised and are subject to change…
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April 2015: Reforms to visit visa in the UK

April 2015: Reforms to visit visa in the UK. The number of separate visit visa forms and categories is to be simplified. It is now easier for business people and performing artists to enter the United Kingdom. Under the changes to be introduced in April 2015, 15 various visa categories will be scrapped and replaced…
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