Month: June 2016

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

how to apply for UK visa

If You’re Going to Study in UK, Here’s How to Apply for UK Visa

Have you been admitted to that British University you’ve been dreaming about for years? It’s time to start packing, right? Well, not quite so fast. You are still one visa away from seeing your dreams come true. There’s a whole process you will need to go through. So, start with a bit of patience and diligence to see how to…
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EEA family members

EEA Nationals in the UK: EEA Family Members

Today we are going to explain the rights of family members of EEA nationals residing in the UK. Your family members from European Economic Area (EEA) have the same rights as you do. They can visit the UK for up to 3 months. After that they can remain in the UK as long as they…
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EEA national

IAM Immigration Guide for EEA Nationals in the UK

So, you’re an EEA national in the UK. The Brexit issues are now past and we are suffering from the aftershocks of a No Vote.  To navigate through the immigration requirements of this country, have you really thought about what next? Especially after the Brexit Voting, EEA Nationals need to be aware and are worried about…
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family visit visa document list

5 Ways an Immigration Agency Can Help You Get an Entry Clearance in the UK

Nowadays, people travel more than ever. Global mobility is a phenomenon that is extensively taking over the business world. When travelling and moving to a different country, there are many things involved, included paperwork. If you want to get an entry clearance in the UK, you’ll have to dig a little bit to find out…
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Brexit Arguments - In Or Out?

Why the Main 3 Brexit Arguments Are Damaging You

What really does the EU referendum mean for you? Are you In or Out? Where do you stand on the 3 main Brexit Arguments? The Brexit Vote is looming large and the three main Brexit arguments are heating up. The whole world is talking about the debate. It’s clear that most corporations are backing a…
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