Month: October 2021

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Canada Vaccine Mandate for International and Domestic Travellers

The Canadian government announced on 06 October that domestic and international travellers arriving in the country via commercial flight, train or cruise ship must be fully vaccinated. According to the official website of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed that all travellers 12 years of age and older entering or departing the country via federally…
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New Zealand Travel Update: Foreign Travellers Must Be COVID-19 Vaccinated

New Zealand’s government announced that starting 1 November, all foreign nationals entering the country will need to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated. To further reduce the possibility of the virus getting through our border, we are introducing the requirement for air travelers aged 17 and over, who are not New Zealand citizens, to be fully vaccinated…
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World’s Most Powerful Passport 2021: How Good is Your Passport

The pandemic has wreaked havoc in the travel industry across the globe. Travel restrictions and entry barriers imposed by each country have caused the widest global mobility gap and broadened the inequalities between north and south hemispheres according to residence and citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners.  Based on data provided by the International Air…
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UK Labour Shortage: Retail, Hospitality, and Care Industry Leaders Call for Temporary UK Visa

Months before the petrol crisis was felt, industry leaders had warned the British government of a supply-chain disruption. Following a British government announcement that a temporary UK visa will be launched for foreign truck drivers in an effort to ease food and fuel shortages, leaders in retail, hospitality, and care have launched an appeal for…
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Brexit: Deadline to Apply for Residence Permit in Poland

British nationals have until December 2021 to apply for a residence permit in Poland in order to retain their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement brought by Brexit. According to a press release issued by the Polish Office for Foreigners, British nationals can replace their residence permits until 31 December. The Office calls on citizens of…
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