Author: Jasper De Luna

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Immigration Health Surcharge

On 25 February 2015, the Secretary of State issued a statement of changes in Immigration Rules, which highlighted number of changes, most of which came into force on 06 April 2015. The Immigration Health Surcharge ensures that temporary, non-EEA migrants coming to the UK for more than six months contribute to the NHS in line…
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Tourist & Visit Visa

New immigration rules for visitors to the UK

New set of rules for visitors to the UK will come into effect on all applications made on or after 24 April 2015. A visitor is a person who is coming to the UK, usually for six months, for a temporary purpose, for example a tourist, to visit friends or family or to carry out…
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April 2015: Reforms to visit visa in the UK

April 2015: Reforms to visit visa in the UK. The number of separate visit visa forms and categories is to be simplified. It is now easier for business people and performing artists to enter the United Kingdom. Under the changes to be introduced in April 2015, 15 various visa categories will be scrapped and replaced…
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Tier 2 crackdown

Clampdown on Tier 2 abuse The UK government have announced a crackdown on phony Tier-2 visa sponsorships, which may lead to up to 2,500 migrants having to leave the Country. An investigation by immigration officials has revealed that in some cases migrants are being given Tier-2 visas for jobs that don’t exist, or are completely…
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UK needs 500 nurses this 2014!

The UK needs Filipino nurses to replace its ageing nursing workforce. UK’s Centre for Workforce and the Royal College of Nursing said that 24% of its pool of registered nurses are set to retire in the next five years. According to Labour Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, Philippines Overseas Labour Office had received and verified job orders…
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