Author: Maureen Tumuti

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Applying for a France Schengen Visa in the UK

From the boulevards of Paris to the fashionable seaside resorts of the Côte d’Azur, France is a beautiful country that boasts of spectacular cities with picturesque topography, colourful culture, free-spirited people and delectable cuisine. These scenic places have been the muse to many poets and artists, and continue to make France the world’s most popular…
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Schengen Visa Fees: How much does a Schengen visa cost?

Some of the common questions someone asks when they apply for a Schengen visa is are: Do I have to pay for a Schengen visa? How much does a Schengen visa cost? When applying for a Schengen visa there is a mandatory Schengen visa fee every applicant must pay. The Schengen visa costs vary depending…
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ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorization System

ETIAS, which stands for the European Travel Information and Authorization System, is a completely electronic visa waiver pre-screening program for visitors intending to travel to the European Union, created by the EU in order to protect and strengthen its borders. The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) was proposed by the European Commission in…
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Schengen Visa for Official Visits – what is it and do you need one?

A Schengen Visa for Official Visits to Europe is one of the types of Schengen visas which serves as an entry permit for those undertaking journeys to the territory, following an official invitation to participate in: meetings consultations negotiations exchange programs other events held in the Schengen Zone by intergovernmental organizations Like all other types…
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How to Choose the Right Schengen Visa Travel and Medical Insurance

Traveling on a Schengen visa is one of the most convenient ways to experience Europe. A Schengen visa will allow you to visit and move freely between the 26 countries that make up the Schengen Area. However, the European Union is aware of the incidents that may happen during one’s travels throughout the Schengen Zone,…
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