Benefits of Immigration

Benefits of Immigration

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Despite the recent polemics about “Immigration this…, Immigration that…”, lets talk about the benefits of immigration.

To the question: Why do people migrate? People migrate for many different reasons: economic, social, political or even environmental causes (like flooding). Also, some people choose to migrate to another country to enhance their career opportunities.

The benefits of immigration are the following:

  1. Economic gains;
  2. Increase in cultural diversity;
  3. Increase in standard of living in the part of immigrants;
  4. A younger workforce;
  5. Skilled workers in much needed sectors.

Immigration does have its disadvantages:

  1. Greater poverty;
  2. Increase in crimes;
  3. Lower unskilled wage.

The positive benefits of immigration exceed the disadvantages in many ways.

But as someone anonymous said once: <<What they don’t know, they fear.>>

We should be welcoming the benefits that immigration provides to the country.

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