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Australia Doubles International Student Visa Costs

Australia has significantly increased visa application fees for international students, aiming to enhance the “integrity” of its education sector and manage overall migration.  The fee has jumped by 125%, from AU$710 to AU$1,600, effective July 1, 2024. Australia boasts one of the world’s largest international education sectors, valued at around A$48 billion annually, accounting for…
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Japan to Introduce Electronic Travel Authorisation for Visa-Free Visitors

The Japanese government has announced plans to implement an online system for travel authorization for visa-exempt travellers. This new system was adopted during a meeting of Cabinet ministers at the Prime Minister’s Office. Under the new system, foreign visitors who do not require short-stay visas will need to provide their information online, including the purpose…
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Australia Work and Holiday Visa for Filipinos To Start July 1

Starting July 1, Philippine passport holders can apply for Australia’s Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462).  Australia has updated its Migration Amendment, now including the Philippines as an eligible country for the Work and Holiday Visa. This visa allows young Filipinos aged 18-30 to work short-term jobs to support their travels and explore Australia while…
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Australia Cracks Down on Student Visa Loopholes

Starting July 1, 2024, Australia will tighten its rules on student visa applications to prevent what officials call “visa hopping.” This move aims to close loopholes that have allowed visa holders to extend their stay in the country indefinitely. Key Changes: The government cites a report from the Grattan Institute, which found that 32% of…
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How to Avoid Getting a Visa, Immigration, or Citizenship Application Refused

Visa, immigration, and citizenship applications are critical steps to your life filled with enriching experiences and new opportunities. Looking to explore the world, advance your career, and join new communities? We are dedicated to helping you succeed in this endeavour. The consequences of application refusals can be significant, leading to lost time, money, and opportunities.…
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