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UK’s New Tough Visa Rules To Cut Migration

The UK government unveiled a robust ‘five-point plan’ on December 4, 2023, intending to significantly decrease net migration, which has surged to an all-time high. Home Secretary James Cleverly introduced a comprehensive strategy to restrain immigration, highlighting the pressing need to address its alarming levels, which he deemed “far too high.” Central to these measures…
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UK Visa Health Surcharge Fees Set to Increase in 2024

Following the recent amendments to UK visa and nationality fees, the British government has set its eyes on another substantial change, which is slated to go into force in 2024. This upcoming change will largely affect the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is a fee placed on any individual wishing to stay in the UK…
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UK Visas Issued In 2022 Exceeded Pre-Pandemic Numbers

Despite reports of curbing immigration, the UK granted more visas in 2022 than ever before. According to the latest data, the Home Office issued 2,836,490 visas in 2022. A significant amount of this was made up of work visas, with one in three of them going to Indian migrants. The number of people entering from…
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A Third of Hong Kongers Seeking UK Visas Were Below 18

About 38,000 citizens of Hong Kong under the age of 18 have filed an application for the UK’s British National (Overseas) visa scheme, however, the majority of requests are from residents in their prime working years. According to the figures published by Bloomberg, of the total of 142,000 citizens of Hong Kong who applied for…
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Difference Between UK Residence Visa And UK Residence Permit

Foreign nationals living in the United Kingdom require immigration permission. A residence permit is often confused with a residence visa but there is a stark difference on both documents. A UK residence visa is an immigration document that allows a person to cross the border and stay in the country for a certain amount of…
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