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Digital Nomad Visas: 13 and More Options For Remote Workers

How would you like to spend your workday swinging on a hammock overlooking the ocean? How about taking your meetings and phone calls while admiring medieval cathedrals and castles out your window? What about spending your lunch break tasting new foods and local delicacies? To many people, living and working in another country may seem…
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UK Travel Ban Lifted – Essential Travel Permitted from the UK

Travel Restrictions Placed on the UK Lifted After over 60 countries closing the border with England for 48 hours, France has reopened its borders with the UK for travellers and truck drivers that test negative for Covid-19. Drivers and travellers were able to travel into the EU in the early hours of Wednesday with ferries…
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European Countries Ban UK: Travel from UK banned due to new Covid-19 strain

The new COVID Variant causes increase in cases, while closure of borders puta a halt to travel and supply chains European countries have banned flights, Eurotunnel, Eurostar and ferries carrying passengers from the UK to suppress the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus that has caused the UK Prime Minister to do another…
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Travel by Car to European Countries After Brexit: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for European trip by car from the UK either with friends, family or even alone and you are not sure about what is required to make a road trip easy and possible, in this article you are going to know all the information you need to know before finalising your plan……
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Brexit: UK nationals in Croatia

The Croatian government has sent a bill in fast track procedure to the parliament for amendments to the law on citizens from countries in the European Economic Area and their families that will regulate residency status for citizens of the United Kingdom and their families. The bill regulates procedures to apply for temporary/permanent residency for…
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