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Digital France Schengen Visas For Olympics Games 2024

France has shifted its visa processes online and is aiming to grant around 70,000 visas to applicants for Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024. Since January 1, 2024, France has initiated the issuance of Digital Schengen visas, becoming the first country to hand out these visas in the European Union. This move precedes the anticipated complete…
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EU’s New Entry/Exit Scheme Finally Gets 2024 Launch Date

The European Union’s much-delayed Entry/Exit Scheme (EES) is due to start on 6 October 2024. The launch has been postponed multiple times as EU countries struggled to integrate their border systems with the central EES database. The new border system is an automated IT system for registering non-EU nationals travelling for a short stay, each…
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UK Launches Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) System for Qatari Travellers

The UK government has committed to completing the digitisation of its borders by 2025. The UK has launched the ETA system, an electronic travel authorisation system meant to ease the admission process for visa-free travellers from diverse countries. The implementation of this system will take place in stages, with different nationalities targeted. The system is…
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New Transit Visa Requirement For Georgian and Russian Travellers in the UK

The United Kingdom has expanded its transit visa requirements to include Georgian and Russian citizens. This significant change, effective from September 8, 2023, comes as part of an effort to address the misuse of the UK’s transit provisions by individuals from these countries, particularly in relation to asylum claims. Under the amended Immigration (Passenger Transit…
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Croatia Removed Air Border Controls With Schengen Countries

Croatia has removed its air border controls for travel to and from Schengen Area countries. Following Croatia’s accession to Europe’s Schengen Area earlier this year, Croatia eliminated its internal land and sea borders as of 01 January, though its air borders remained operational until 26 March. Now, passengers flying between Croatia and other countries within…
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