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EU Enlargement: Will The EU Welcome New Members?

The European Union’s Commission recently greenlit the 2023 Enlargement Package, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the advancements made by Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine. Recommendations have been put forth for each country’s progression towards EU membership. The Commission has recommended granting Georgia the status of a candidate country, marking a significant step in its…
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European Council Approves Online Schengen Visa Application Process

In a pivotal stride toward modernising travel protocols, the Council of the European Union has approved the digitalisation of the Schengen visa application process, marking a significant shift in travel convenience. Recent deliberations among EU foreign ministers have resulted in the green signal for digitising Schengen visa applications. This transformative online platform is poised to…
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Slovenia Extends Internal Border Controls With Croatia & Hungary

The Slovenian government decided to extend border controls on the Croatian and Hungarian borders until November 19, 2023. Slovenia initially reinstated temporary border controls with Croatia and Hungary on October 21, originally planned for a ten-day period. The Ministry of Interior of Slovenia has cited the continued need for enhanced security due to elevated terrorist…
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Temporary Border Controls in the Schengen Zone

The Schengen Agreement is predicated on the fundamental principle of allowing the freedom of movement for its citizens within the Schengen Zone meaning no controls at the group’s internal borders. However, there are clauses in the treaty that provide for the temporary reinstatement of border controls, primarily when there is a threat to public order…
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Austria and the Netherlands Still Against Bulgaria and Romania’s Schengen Membership

Bulgaria and Romania are intensifying their diplomatic efforts to secure entry into the European Union’s Schengen Area by year-end. However, Austrian and Dutch misgivings are likely to continue delaying their entry, as well as the economic benefits that come with it. Austria and the Netherlands currently stand in the way of Bulgaria’s Schengen accession, citing…
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