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UK Foreign Office Issues Heatwave Travel Warnings

Planning a summer getaway to Europe? The UK Foreign Office has a crucial message for you. Millions of British holidaymakers flock to Europe every summer, and this year is no exception. Spain, Italy, and Greece continue to top the list of summer holiday destinations. Why? They offer exactly what most Europeans crave: sun-soaked, beach-filled getaways.…
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Japan to Introduce Electronic Travel Authorisation for Visa-Free Visitors

The Japanese government has announced plans to implement an online system for travel authorization for visa-exempt travellers. This new system was adopted during a meeting of Cabinet ministers at the Prime Minister’s Office. Under the new system, foreign visitors who do not require short-stay visas will need to provide their information online, including the purpose…
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US Visa Waiver Program: Romania Near Admission

Romania is close to joining the US Visa Waiver Program, according to Dan-Andrei Muraru, the Romanian ambassador to the United States. “We’re in the final stages,” Muraru said, “and by the end of the American fiscal year on October 1, we’re confident we’ll meet the requirement of having a visa rejection rate below 3% for…
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Schengen Visa Fee Increase: Exemptions and Global Implications

From June 11, Schengen visa fees have increased by 12.5% for both adults and children, affecting many travellers from non-EU countries.  This change, announced on May 22 in the Official Journal of the European Union, has been communicated by Schengen Area embassies and consulates to ensure affected nationals are aware. New Visa Fees: The increase…
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Armenians Exempt From Schengen Visa Fee Increase: What It Means for Travellers

In a reassuring announcement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia has confirmed that the recent increase in Schengen visa fees by the European Union will not affect Armenian citizens. This news brings relief to many travellers who have been concerned about the potential impact on their travel plans. According to Ministry spokesperson Ani Badalyan,…
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