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UK Passport Applicants To Be Asked to Sign up to NHS Organ Donor Register

The British government is introducing a significant change to passport applications, making it easier for people to register as organ donors when renewing their passports.  Starting next year, applicants will have the option to sign up for the NHS Organ Donor Register. The NHS Blood and Transplant and the Department of Health and Social Care…
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Police Plans To Use The UK Passport Database to Combat Crimes

The UK’s passport database could be used to swiftly help catch criminals. Policing Minister Chris Philp stated he wants to integrate data from the police national database (PND), the Passport Office and other national databases. Forces will then be able to find a match “at the click of a button” by comparing those facial images…
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UK Bank Travel Chaos: Passenger Rights Caused By A Technical Glitch

Hundreds of flights to and from the United Kingdom have been delayed or cancelled after a technical failure in the UK air traffic control systems on 28 August 2023. Although the technical issue has been resolved, many planes and crews will be in the wrong places so there will be ongoing issues with flight schedules.…
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British Airways Will Require Photo ID For Domestic Flights

British Airways is changing its policy on identification when flying throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. British Airways is changing its policy to require photo ID from passengers on domestic flights from the beginning of September. The airline does not currently insist on identification for customers travelling solely within the UK and carrying only…
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The UK Considers Short-Term Visa Scheme for EU Workers

The United Kingdom is considering a new short-term visa program to tackle the severe workforce shortages affecting the hospitality sector. The main goal of this proposed initiative is to bring foreign workers to the UK without causing significant changes in migration rates. This move comes as a response to the challenges posed by Brexit, the…
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