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UK Airports Could Scrap 100ml Liquid Hand Luggage rule by 2024

The introduction of 3D scanners at airports could mean passengers no longer have to remove liquids from hand luggage. The UK government is considering installing hi-tech scanners in airports around the country by mid-2024. The policy is still under review and a formal announcement is expected in the coming weeks before 25 December. If the…
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New UK Travel Rules At The Irish Border

EU citizens will soon be required to provide biometric data to enter the UK, including Northern Ireland, under new legislation to be introduced next year. Under the Nationality and Borders Act, non-EU travellers to the UK will need to apply for an American-style Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA), and this will involve registering facial and eventually…
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A Third of Hong Kongers Seeking UK Visas Were Below 18

About 38,000 citizens of Hong Kong under the age of 18 have filed an application for the UK’s British National (Overseas) visa scheme, however, the majority of requests are from residents in their prime working years. According to the figures published by Bloomberg, of the total of 142,000 citizens of Hong Kong who applied for…
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Heathrow Airport Ends Outgoing Passenger Cap

Heathrow Airport has lifted its passenger cap but has warned that it may return at busy times around Christmas. Since July, the London airport has limited the number of outgoing passengers to 100,000 per day. The cap was introduced to cope with staffing shortages, which saw the airport plagued by long lines and frequent cancellations…
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The UK’s Worst Airports In 2022 Revealed

Small airports in the UK have beaten their big-name rivals to be crowned best in the country this year as many larger hubs were crippled by excessive delays and cancellations Manchester Airport’s three terminals have taken up the bottom three spots in a list of the UK’s best and worst airports. Which? Travel ’s ranking…
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