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Spain Holiday Warning Issued For UK Tourists Amidst Local Protests

As tourism in Spain reached record levels in 2023, not everyone is as happy with the growing number of visitors.  Spain is one of the top destinations for British holidaymakers and they are known to love the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, as well as mainland destinations like Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid. British tourists are…
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EU Proposes New Simplified Rules Get Single Residence and Work Permit

The EU wants to make it easier for non-EU workers to obtain combined work and residence permits. The move comes in an effort to promote legal migration of non-EU nationals for work purposes and to address the current EU labour shortages. The simplification of the rules for obtaining a Single Permit that allows the holder…
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UK Government Issues Travel Warning Against All Travel To Caribbean

British nationals are being told not to go to Haiti due to UK Government concerns about civil unrest and violence. While Haiti is a lovely destination that is expected to see significant tourism growth in the following years, the UK government is advising British citizens not to visit the island or plan holidays in the…
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EU Implements Stricter Guidelines for Suspending Visa-Free Travel from Non-EU Nations

The EU has defined three additional grounds on which it can ban visa-free travel for people of non-EU countries. On 13 March, EU member states’ ambassadors endorsed a new provision empowering the EU to suspend visa-free travel privileges for countries whose citizens are exempt from visa requirements when visiting the Schengen area. This regulation will…
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British Government Launch A Probe On Graduate Route Visa

The Home Office has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to conduct a rapid review of the Graduate Route visa, a post-study work option for international students. The review, requested by Home Secretary James Cleverly, aims to assess the visa route’s effectiveness in attracting and retaining the brightest students while supporting the UK’s higher education…
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