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Explore the Czech Republic’s New Digital Nomad Visa

In recent years, the digital nomad lifestyle has become a global phenomenon, offering the chance to work remotely while discovering new cultures and places. Now, the Czech Republic is stepping into the spotlight by introducing an exciting opportunity for digital nomads: the Digital Nomad Visa. As of July 2023, the Czech Republic has rolled out…
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Canada Extends Work Permit to Family Members of Temporary Foreign Workers

In a move that may benefit thousands of foreign professionals, Canada will expand its work permit eligibility to the family members of Open Work Permit (OWP) holders in 2023. This comes amid the labour shortages in the country. The Open Work Permit allows foreign nationals to work in Canada for any employer and any job. …
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US State Department Addressed Excessive US Visa Waiting Time

At a briefing, the US Department of State responded to criticism that wait times have been too long and have harmed workers, families, and companies.  The delays for visa applications have gone up due to reduced workforce and coronavirus-related restrictions in operations since March 2020. The US department cited data showing improvement stating that “The…
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Indonesia Introduces ‘Second Home’ Visa

Indonesia is offering “Second Home” visas in a bid to attract wealthy foreign nationals.  The visa was officially introduced on 26 October 2022 with an aim to bolster Indonesia’s economy. The visas are for durations of five and ten years for a stay in Bali, the country’s prime tourist destination. The decision is set to…
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Difference Between UK Residence Visa And UK Residence Permit

Foreign nationals living in the United Kingdom require immigration permission. A residence permit is often confused with a residence visa but there is a stark difference on both documents. A UK residence visa is an immigration document that allows a person to cross the border and stay in the country for a certain amount of…
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