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Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Taking Pets to the EU Post-Brexit – Additional £180 Fee

Bringing your furry friends to mainland Europe with you on a getaway is becoming costly. This is another mark of the UK’s exit from the EU. The EU now no longer accepts ‘pet passports’ issued in the UK and residents must now pay £180 for a four-month Animal Healthcare Certificate from their vet before heading…
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CDC Shakes Up Travel Advisory – Removes All Countries From Level 4 Travel Warning List

After months of warning all travellers to avoid a long list of countries because of “very high” COVID-19 levels, the CDC has removed all countries from its “Do Not Travel” list.  The United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it has removed around 90 countries and territories from its ‘Level 4: Do…
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US Mask Mandate On Air Travel Struck Down

A federal judge in Florida has ruled against the Biden administration’s mask mandate for aeroplanes and other forms of public transit, calling it unlawful. US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle said the national public health agency had exceeded its legal powers in issuing the mandate. Last week, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention…
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Transit Visa Required For India – Schengen – UK Route

A number of Indian nationals with flights to the UK with a transit stop in either the Czech Republic, France, Germany or Spain have been prevented from boarding their flights. European Union registered air carriers like Lufthansa, Air France, and KLM, which operate flights from India to the UK, with a stopover in one of…
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Italy Opens Doors To Remote Workers And Digital Nomads

Digital nomads will finally have a place in Italy. The Italian government is introducing visas that allow foreigners to spend a year working in Italy. The new visa scheme for remote workers was approved and signed into law on 28 March 2022. This new permit is specifically designed for non-EU ‘nomadi digitali’, or those “who…
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