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Home Office Revises Minimum Income Requirement for Spouse, Partner and Family Visas

The UK Home Office has abruptly changed its stance on the minimum income requirements for family visas, igniting an upsurge of debate and uncertainty in the immigration landscape.  The initial proposal to raise the salary requirement from £18,600 to a staggering £38,700 garnered sharp criticism from a variety of sources, prompting a revised plan that…
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London Gatwick Airport Ranks as the UK’s Most Stressful Airport

Air travel, synonymous with excitement and anticipation, often turns into an exasperating experience due to the challenges encountered at airports. In the throes of bustling terminals and seemingly endless queues, certain airports consistently stand out as stress-inducing hubs. Among them, London Gatwick, the UK’s second busiest airport, holds the notorious crown as the most stressful…
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UK’s New Tough Visa Rules To Cut Migration

The UK government unveiled a robust ‘five-point plan’ on December 4, 2023, intending to significantly decrease net migration, which has surged to an all-time high. Home Secretary James Cleverly introduced a comprehensive strategy to restrain immigration, highlighting the pressing need to address its alarming levels, which he deemed “far too high.” Central to these measures…
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Brazil Unveils Enhanced eVisa Platform for Australian, Canadian and US Travellers

On December 1, Brazil marked a significant milestone with the launch of its upgraded VFS Electronic Visa (eVisa) platform, catering specifically to citizens from Australia, Canada and the United States seeking authorisation to visit the South American nation. The newly revamped eVisa application process is now entirely online, offering greater convenience and accessibility. Effective from…
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Spain Aims to Overturn 90-Day Rule for British Tourists

Since the UK’s departure from the European Union, the seamless travel, work, and residency opportunities that British citizens enjoyed within the EU have ceased. Despite Brexit, British holidaymakers remain a significant market for Spain’s tourism industry. The Schengen Area regulations dictate that third-country citizens, including non-EU nationals entering the territory visa-free, are permitted a maximum…
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