Pros and cons of buying products in store and on the net : Online versus in store shopping

Pros and cons of buying products in store and on the net : Online versus in store shopping

Black Friday Fever! Because of previous year’s riot and chaos brought about by the massive sales, people now opted to shop online for their safety and convenience.

With over 36 million of UK residents going online every day, UK is biggest online shoppers in the developed world!

But when it comes to our weekly shopping the vast majority of us still prefer to get in our car and drive to the supermarket to buy our weekly groceries, with around only five per cent of us shopping regularly online there is still a long way to go before online shopping becomes the norm.

So what are the pros and cons when it comes to shopping online rather than in store, many of us will certainly do our research online to look for the bargains when it comes to bigger purchases such as a new washing machine or even for our new car, but when it comes to finding the best priced tin of beans many of us are missing a trick.

So here is my list of the good versus the bad when it comes to your weekly online grocery shopping:

The not so good:

  • Buying fresh produce such as fruit can be a challenge, us Britt’s like to see the quality of such items before we buy.
  • If the item we select is out of stock when it comes to filling our order we have to rely on the supermarket to give us an alternative and even run the risk of not receiving anything at all.
  • We just don’t believe that we will be given the best expiration dates on perishable food such as bread and milk, after we know supermarkets want to sell that first.
  • We think we are missing out on money saving offers; we actually enjoy the thrill of the hunt for bargains.
  • Even though the big four have the some of the most sophisticated and advanced online shopping systems in the world, we simply don’t enjoy the experience of trawling though list of items.

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