Application for Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)

Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Documents Required

It should be noted that the Home Office will only accept original documents. If no original is available, photocopied documents must be a stamped certified true copy of the original.

Where a document is not in English or Welsh, the original must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by a professional translator. This translation must include details of the translator’s credentials and confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document. It must also be dated and include the original signature of the translator.

Please note that documents listed are carefully explained whether they are mandatory or optional. You should collect as many documents as possible and use it as a checklist to ensure all documents where possible have been sent as soon as possible. Where you are unable to provide the original documents, please explain the reasons to us.


Stage 1 – Application for Endorsement

Endorsement Requirements
Three letters of support – from an arts or cultural organisation, institution or company which is well-established nationally and/or internationally and widely acknowledged as possessing expertise in its field One must be from a UK based organisation. The other two can be UK-based or overseas (one of the two can be from an eminent individual with internationally recognised expertise in the applicant’s specialist field). Mandatory
Two or more examples of media recognition such as articles and/or reviews from national publications or broadcasting companies in at least one country other than in your country of residence. Event listings or advertisements are not acceptable. Mandatory
Proof of having won or been nominated or shortlisted for international awards for excellence, for example the Booker Prize, a Grammy Award; or domestic awards in another country, for example a Tony Award. Mandatory
Proof of appearances, performances, publications or exhibitions in the past three years in contexts which are internationally recognised in the applicant’s field or evidence of international distribution and audiences for the applicant’s work. Mandatory


Stage 2 – Visa Application

Applicant’s Documents Notes Type
Current Passport scan bio-data page and all stamped pages Mandatory
Previous Passports scan bio-data page and all stamped pages Mandatory
Vsisa/Biometric Card If any Mandatory
Recent Passport Photographs (x2) (Photo Guidance) Mandatory
Birth Certificate Mandatory
Tuberculosis test certificate from the UKVI approved clinic in your country of residence For more info: Tuberculosis Test Centres Mandatory
Evidence of Finances
Letter of Employment/Contract of Employment Mandatory
Payslips Mandatory
Proof of self-employment eg business registration, tax payment etc if applies Mandatory
Bank Statements for the past six months Mandatory
Remittances receipts If any Mandatory
Evidence of Accommodation  if any
Tenancy Agreement/Mortgage Statements Mandatory
Hotel Reservation if applies Mandatory
Other Documents
Home Office Letters if any Mandatory
Spouse’s and Children’s Passport if any Mandatory
Travel date spreadsheet – please list all your travels abroad for the last 10 years. Travel Date Spreadsheet Template Mandatory

All documents should be posted or scanned and emailed to us to make sure they meet the requirements.

Please let us know if you cannot provide anything from the document list and we can discuss alternative documents you may provide. Once we have received the documents, we will inform you via e-mail and update your application in our records.