Times have changed for Australia’s immigration policy

Times have changed for Australia’s immigration policy

An anti-immigration poster has been published from the Australian government.

It is an emotive poster which is supposed to counter people smuggling, according to an official website.

The discourteous sentence of this poster is the following: “No way. You will not make Australia home.” and it is as well translated in 17 languages. People have criticized and showed discontentment online already.

In 1948, it was completely the oppostite, Australia was pro-immigration.

The case to say change up the times and change up the wills.

Australia saw their own recent history completely intertwined with immigration and this measure is to avoid the continuation of it. Last year, they received loads of skilled and non-skilled workers.

Apparently, this campaign was effective because the stats show the a dramatical decrease  in 2014 results of a rigid attitude on immigration from the new governement.

Similar to this will be UK. We can’t forget what David Cameron said this week in relation to an “emergency break” on EU immigration.





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