UK immigration Visas to be sold?

UK immigration Visas to be sold?


Millionaires will be able to buy a visa to come and live in Britain under radical plans drawn up by government advisers .

According to plans, an investor will be able to apply to stay in the UK for two, three or five years and thereafter may apply for UK citizenship.

According to Professor Sir David Metcalf, President of the Migration Advisory Committee, explanations, Britain had to examine new ways to attract investors from other country’s millionaires.

Thus, it suggest that people who give money to schools, universities and hospitals should be allowed to enter in the UK .

The proposals also outline auctioning visas to be sold to the highest bidder but MPs warned that the plan would “bring no benefit to the citizens of this country.”

The Home Office has already opposed these plans for non EU countries as effectively selling citizenship. The proposal will be presented next month to the Home Office.

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