Civil Penalty Scheme changes

Civil Penalty Scheme changes

Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 10.26.53Nobody likes to talk about it, so why take the risk if you can do things right in the first place? There is no reason to provide or offer a job to anyone whose immigration position is not regular or legal. The civil penalty scheme changes strongly pushes employers to avoid illegal working practices.

The changes aim to strengthen and reinforce employers to carry out a review of their employees to ensure that they are legal to work in the UK.

Remember these changes have been in force since 16 May this year and the fines attached have increased to £20,000.00. Hence if you are an employer, think twice before offering illegal work. The new Immigration Law makes it easier to enforce the payment of the civil penalties in the courts.

In conclusion, think carefully about the harm caused to the wider society by providing jobs to undeserving people, resulting in an unfair economic disadvantage for numerous deserving legal residents of the country. >> Home Office, 16 May 2014, author N.A. 

Finally, it is not worth risking to employ illegally. Contact us to assist you to ensure that you are on the right path.

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