Dual Citizenship French/British

Dual Citizenship French/British

Wondering how to apply if you are Britisnh Citizen or to be French Citizen?!

Well this article is the one.

I. How a French citizen can get British nationality

There is several ways to become an english citizen when you’re french.

First of all, France allows its citizens to get dual nationality since the act of January 9, 1973. Indeed, since this act, a french citizen who get an other nationality also keeps the french one.

1. If you are married

If the french person is married with an english citizen, dual citizenship is possible under certain conditions.

First of all, you must have been living in England for at least 3 years. During these 3 years, you can’t leave England for more than 8 months. This period turns to 3 months during the last year before the request of dual citizenship.

Then, you must speak fluent english. This last condition is checked by a test that is called ‘Life in the United Kingdom’. The candidate must also know the history and culture o the country, which is also checked by the same test. In that way, the candidate will have to answer to questions about the country, its population and its culture This test also contains a part that check if the candidate know about the history and culture of the country.

Finally, the candidate will have to prove that he is of a good character. Some tests allow to check this last condition as well.

2. If you are single

In that case, you must have been living in England for at least 5 years without having left the country for more than 8 months. You also must have a right to stay of more than one year and be over 18 years old.

Here again you have to speak fluent english and prove it by doing the ‘Life in the United Kingdom’ test.

There is also an other test about the culture, the laws and the history of England to do. It lasts 45 minutes and is composed of 24 questions about various subjects such as the lyrics of the national anthem or the major english figures of England. This test is quite difficult: only one in three people pas this test on average.

II. How a British citizen can get French nationality

According to France’s Nationality law, french citizenship may be acquired in several ways.

1. By birth:

Of a child is born within the territory of France he automatically get the French nationality, regardless of the nationality of the parents.

2. By descent:

If at least one of your parents is french, you automatically get the French nationality.

2. By marriage:

If the couple has been living in France for a year, after a period of two year’s marriage to a French citizen, it is possible to make a declaration of French citizenship by marriage.

If the couple is living outside of France, a three year waiting period is required. In addition to the ;any documents required to prove both the applicants nationality and the spouse french nationality, there is a requirement for competency in the french language. The declaration of citizenship is made by the couple to the local court, or the french consulate if overseas. The declaration is accepted or rejected by decision of the Ministry of Justice.

3. By naturalisation:

Persons seeking naturalisation as French citizens must face many conditions. These persons may seek naturalisation:
– a person who has been a resident of France for five years
– a person who has been living in France fir two years and has a degree from a university

– a person who has rendered service to France

– a person who has served in a combat of the French army

– a person who is the spouse or minor child of a person acquiring French citizenship.

Currently, with the European Union, it is not very interesting to obtain British nationality if you are French and conversely. As a member of the European Union, you have the right to live and work in France and great Britain .

Article Author: Samuel Martin


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