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ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) WITH CITIZENSHIP

This course is suited for individuals applying for British Citizenship and ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). This English course will have speaking and listening modules embedded with citizenship materials. There will be no books and computers involved, and you will not be tested on your reading and writing skills.

The course is specifically taught with citizenship materials provided by NIACE and LLU+ and is aimed at people whose English levels are low. The certificate you will receive after completing your course is an ESOL ‘Skills for Life’ qualification in speaking and listening at Entry Level, which is exactly what the Home Office requires and is the exact equivalent to the ‘Life in the UK Test’.

Initial Assessment:
To determine your current entry level you will need to visit our centre and undertake an initial assessment with one of our highly qualified English Language tutors. The result of this assessment will clarify whether you will be permitted to enrol onto the ESOL and Citizenship programme.

We offer the ESOL course from Monday to Friday 10AM-2PM.
The course duration depends on the learning needs of the applicant.
After sitting through our high quality intensive ESOL programme, 95% of our students are ready for the exam on Friday. In a small number of cases our highly experienced teachers will notify management if a particular student is a cause of concern after which the student will be given an opportunity to study a further 1 or 2 weeks at no extra cost.

Our institution boasts a 98% success rate in our courses. We guarantee to teach you until you pass. Our Fees are inclusive of the booking, course training, and the certificate.

Certificates will be ready in 1-2 weeks.

Documents Needed:
• Passport
• Proof of address
• 2 Passport size photos

Once we have received these documents, and paid your course fees online, your place on the designated course will be confirmed.

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