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Visas, Immigration & Nationality

Book your 15 Minutes Free Consultation for free legal advice with our Specialist Immigration Lawyers.

Our simplified method of handling your immigration matters with expert free legal advice.

Our immigration lawyers will discuss your legal requirements, visa assistance, immigration advice or citizenship and nationality queries under the 15 Minutes Free Consultation before you make your decision for us to assist you with your matters.

The free consultation can be conducted:

  1. by telephone;
  2. online via WebEx, Go to Meeting or by Skype or Google Hangouts, Viber or Other choice; or
  3. at our offices.


free legal advice

Please note that this is a Free consultation but is subject to providing your card details and is subject to our normal booking terms. Please note that failure to attend at the allocated time will mean that you will be charged the fee for the missed appointment.

If you prefer other type of immigration consultation, our lawyers provide various other free immigration advice or fully paid consultations.

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