New Zealand Reopening to International Tourists Sooner Than Planned

New Zealand Reopening to International Tourists Sooner Than Planned

Countries are in the process of adapting and changing their Covid travel measures as more people become vaccinated across the globe.

New Zealand announced it would begin reopening to international travellers from visa waiver countries from 1 May 2022, without any quarantine measures.

Citizens from the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States and Singapore are among those able to visit New Zealand without a visa.

Every traveller must present proof of full vaccination as well as a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test to enter New Zealand beginning May.

New Zealand entered the first phase of its reopening plan on 27 February, permitting fully vaccinated New Zealanders living in Australia to return home to visit friends and family.

A week later, the government moved on to step two of its reopening plan.

Tests And Quarantine Rules in New Zealand

Vaccinated arrivals no longer have to self-isolate upon arrival, but anyone over the age of two will continue to test for COVID-19.

All travellers will be given two rapid antigen tests for free upon arrival at Auckland Airport for self-administration after leaving the airport.

The first test will be done upon arrival, and the second is done on day five or six after arrival. Travellers who do test positive from either of these tests will be required to take a PCR test to confirm their results. If they are positive, they’ll be instructed to quarantine.

Quarantine entry requirements will still apply to unvaccinated New Zealand citizens and residents, who are the only unvaccinated individuals who can enter the country.

“We look forward to welcoming manuhiri [visitors], family and friends back in May,”

“New Zealand has plenty to offer international visitors from breathtaking landscapes, rare and remarkable wildlife to our rich culture and heritage; our people and place are what make us unique, and we look forward to sharing this with the world again.”

Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive, René de Monchy

Originally, the government had planned to reopen by July 2022 but has moved up its schedule.

For more information, please visit New Zealand’s official tourism website.

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