Update to New English Language Tests

Update to New English Language Tests

English Language Test Training

The Home Office have made some amendments to the list of approved English language tests for applicants applying for a UK immigration visa under tiers 1, 2 and 4 of the points-based system and for spouse or partner applications.

The updated list include the contact details for test providers and clarifies the acceptable test levels for tests provided by Trinity College. The required scores have not changed.

The list is available on the Home Office website and can be downloaded by clicking through to the list of English test Providers. Please ensure that you have passed one of these tests for your appropriate applications.

If you need assistance with passing any of these tests, please book a an English Language course with us to ensure you pass these tests before making your application with us.


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  1. thomas thorn says:

    Hope it only the right people who need to be with there family

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